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The company is headquartered in India and has offices in UK, Dubai, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore and US.

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“Connect with the Divine in you”

SKC created the Training & Reflection in Divine in order to train students & professionals in the exercise of spontaneity & handling stress. The first step to generate the change we desire in the world is the transformation of the self. This training is addressed to people motivated to become achievers and also for self-actualization.

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We seek to build a future in which good values sustain good business. We offer services to support transformation processes in companies and institutions, led by their people.

common goal to be reached by a team alignment on the tasks and an understanding of how behavior of each individual impacts and is impacted by other relationships, is a key factor for high performance and results.

Our programs use the principles of simplicity and divinity to develop sustainable leadership, that defines values such as trust, autonomy and responsibility as more than just words.

What do our Clients say about us?

I couldn’t be more pleased with the team at SKC. The entire classes which availed the training from SKC came out positive and full of life. DivineConnect© is a great workshop which I would recommend to all students.

Sujata Kalra

Sri Ram School, Gurgaon

TK’s team delivers motivation and how! University grads preparing themselves for next phase of life in a professional career, needed just this kind of talk. The underlying theme “It doesn’t have to be a rat race” is inspiring and our students came out very happy.

Warren Turner

University of Sussex, UK

SKC believes in short but crisp way of hitting directly at where it matters – at the thought process. Helps tremendously in clarity of thinking and self-belief, guided by firm belief in the energy of the Universe.

Kowl Lim Lee

Thai University of Sciences

The team at Protera had let their shoulders down by the incidence of loss at the company. SKC reinvigorated their minds & helped set the Management towards a clear & determined path for success.

Masharty Doe

Protera International company, US

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Our growing UK, Dubai, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, US & India team lives, works & delivers overseas as well as in the country.


Tushar Kansal travels the world to meet with top experts and shares their knowledge with you.


We only use 100% legal strategies for your peace of mind. And your information is always confidential.

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We’ll help you build a motivated & enlightened team tailored exclusively for your needs. We also get institutions fashion up for success & on the right side of regulatory regimes. We also let you build a self-sustaining organization led by energized talent. Let us show you how to keep more of your Talent… and how to do more with your Talent

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